The Doctor Who theme (unfinished)

Original composers: Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire, 1963
Year I made this: 2006
Length: 2:31, size: 2.30 MB

One of the most unique TV show themes ever made, composed by Ron Grainer and designed by Delia Derbyshire. Have a listen to the 1963 original here. I also like the 1980 rendition done by Peter Howell as it sounds just as spacey and cool but with a 80's feel. I used the Synthex to replicate brass sounds from the Peter Howell version. Drums are done with the Machinedrum and main lead and bass sequence with Virus KB. There is also a little tribute to Tom Baker in here.

Summer Days

Original composers: Martin Omnes & Per Kristian Risvik
Year I made this: 2005
Length: 3:57, size: 3.62 MB

Martin and I made this track during the spring of 2005. It's a pretty hard beating, off-beat techno tune. Martin plays the guitar, I play the rest and my sister Marianne does the vocals. Neither me or Martin are any good at writing lyrics, so we used an embarrassing amount of time making the little text to this song... Luckily, Marianne did a great job singing it :-)


Original composer: Per Kristian Risvik
Year I made this: 2005
Length: 2:57, size: 2.70 MB

The December 2005 mission at the forum was to compose a piece using only sound from six particular vocal samples. These samples could be mangled and modified in any chosen way. My track "Trudelutt" used three of those samples. Most of it was made as soundfonts and processed thru the Virus KB for effects. The following samples were used:

Linear Music

Original composer: Per Kristian Risvik
Year I made this: 2005
Length: 4:01, size: 3.68 MB

Also a track made for the "Monthly Mission". This months (May 2005) mission was to make a complete track by using only one synth. I had already done that a couple of times with the Virus KB so I chose the Roland D-50 this time. I also had to compose the track myself now...

Later that year I got the honor of someone actually making a remake of my music. Fellow Norwegian artist MaxMusic made this excellent remake. It's a more modern sounding version of my classical synth style.

Johan & André: Oh Christian!

Original composers: Johan & André - additional: Per Kristian Risvik
Year I made this: 2004
Length: 5:03, size: 4.63 MB

Johan: vocals (the most loud)
André: vocals and acoustic guitar
Martin: electric guitar
Per Kristian: drums, cello, piano, strings and mixing/mastering
As opposed to my usual music there is only acoustic sounds in this song (except the el-guitar and Virus KB strings). The vocals/guitar gets pretty heavily out of sync with the drums at times. I made the drums after the vocals/guitar was recorded and they where recorded to a very simple MIDI beat. There is Norwegian lyrics, but if you don't understand them don't despair; I don't understand everything myself. The song is about the always drunken guy Christian, and the girls he's conquered.
Actually, when I think back on this song now - I did forget to put in a bass track.

Welcome To Music Ocean

Original composers: Martin Omnes & Per Kristian Risvik
Year I made this: 2004
Length: 3:03, size: 2.80 MB

A jamming session turned into a proper project. It started out with Martin having an idea for a song and made a MIDI file of it. We looked at it together and added more. Then we decided to record everything track by track and Martin brought his guitar to my studio for recording. Martin also did the vocoder voice "welcome to Music Ocean". When we finally thought it was finished, my sister Marianne came for a visit and did the nice vocals :-)

Breathe The Oxygen

Original composer: Per Kristian Risvik
Year I made this: 2004
Length: 4:55, size: 4.50 MB

It's pretty simple and short but I used only a total of two days to compose, record and mix the whole thing. It's a bit more hard-beating and aggressive than my other works and I have actually used my own voice in it, all the vocals you hear is me :-) I recorded the vocals with a microphone on a very old video camera, one of the first lightweight handheld cameras that came on the market. My voice got a little distorted with the camera mic, but that only made a cool effect. I did this track in connection with a little "just for fun" contest on the (now long gone) forum and the idea was to create something in the style of "breathing". I still think that contest was cancelled or something.

Music For Supermarkets part 1

Original composer: Jean Michel Jarre, 1983
Year I made this: 2004
Length: 4:15, size: 3.89 MB

Legend has it that Jean Michel Jarre once made a album called "Music For Supermarkets", pressed one copy, destroyed the master-tapes and sold the only copy for 10.000£ at an auction. The only example of "Music For Supermarkets" you can get today is a terrible radio broadcast bootleg. Jarre did however use some of the tracks from "Music For Supermarkets" on later albums, but not the first track which I have made my own version of. Many thanks to Marita Deila who did the vocals on my version, originally there aren't any.

Smooth test

Original composer: Per Kristian Risvik
Year I made this: 2003
Length: 2:12, size: 2.02 MB

Played live with the D-50 and a saxophone soundfont. Added the sound effects later. I just sat down and played something while recording.

Jingle Bells

Original composer: James Pierpoint, 1857
Year I made this: 2003
Length: 3:50, size: 3.52 MB

I've used the Synthex quite a bit on this one; bass, chords and some leads. The rest is TR-909, Virus KB and a touch of D-50, with a soundfont for the horseshoe rhythm and sleigh-bells.

Virus Insanealized

Original composer: Per Kristian Risvik
Year I made this: 2003
Length: 6:49, size: 5.74 MB

This may not be music, at least it would be some really abstract ambience type of thing. It begun as just a simple patch on the Virus KB, then I started tweaking it in all different ways. Everything was recorded so I put it together to a final mix.

Chorus Overload


Original composer: Per Kristian Risvik
Year I made this: 2002
Length: Chorus Overload - 3:08 / Electhorus - 1:59, size: Chorus Overload - 2.87 MB / Electhorus - 1.81 MB

A couple of the first tracks I made with the Virus KB synth. Both tracks are played live.